Luxury Chess Set

Geoffrey Parker is world-famous for our luxury games; our luxury chess set is no exception to this. Our custom chess boards are handmade in England and adored by many of the worlds luxury brands and champions alike.

Our most famous commission is for the world-famous Boris Spassky and Bobby Fischer 1972 World Championship battle in Reykjavik, Iceland. Since then our reputation for quality, design and custom chess has been unwavering.

Our hand carved playing pieces are admired by all who see them in the flesh. Our knights were specially designed to our specifications to create an ornate and beautiful set. As with all our games, our calf leather boards are made to order with gaming leather specially tanned to be tobacco and wine stain resistant.

Handmade In England

All of our custom boards, cases and books are handmade in England; our sets utilise our leather inlaying skills which were handed down by our founder, Geoffrey. As with all of our games, our luxury chess is customisable with colours, initials, logos and hand embossed messages. All of our board games are available in different finishes or colour combinations so please feel free to get in touch and design your board.

  • Luxury Chess Set


    Right at the core of Geoffrey Parker is our luxury leather chessboards, handmade to order by our master craftsmen to your specification. Our chessboards are compiled from separate pieces of Dauphin calf leather and we can make these boards in numerous chequer sizes, colourways & thicknesses. We tend to make a chequer’s width (where possible) around the playing chequers for the frame so that taken pieces can be put there if required. A non-slip charcoal suedette is used to trim the underside of the chessboards. The two thicknesses of chessboards available are single thick; 18mm / 0.71″ thick, and our double-thick; 41mm / 1.61″ thick.

    Our chess pieces are supplied separately to our boards, once you have chosen the size of your chessboard we will advise the right size chessmen from our collection. These can then be added to your order & we will carve these especially for you.

  • Luxury Chess Set (Printed)

    £1,025.00 £850.00


    Our luxury chess set is perfect for a player of any skill level; for those who love a game in the evening to those who play competitively.

    Handmade in our Essex workshops these stunning and vibrant chess set are nothing short of beautiful; created to stay on display they can take pride of place in your living room inviting everybody to play.


    This stunning board features our classic Staunton chess set which works harmoniously with this beautiful piece of leatherwork. This luxury chess board features a printed leather chess board with a 51mm chequer sits inside the plinth which then is lifted up to store the 3.75″ triple weighted chessmen stowed snugly in their individual black felt compartments.

    As with all our products, this board is handmade to order. This enables us to offer a high level of customisation, but it does take time to make.

    3.75 Triple Weighted Staunton Chess 

  • Luxury Chess Set & Storage Box


    There is no better accompaniment to a beautiful leather chessboard than a luxurious leather-bound chess cabinet or book box to house those precious chessmen. This collection of boxes showcases our stylish ways of presenting your luxury chess set.

  • Staunton Chess Book Box and Board

    Our stylish & luxurious book boxes are the perfect accessory for the gentleman who loves playing chess.

    Bound by hand in our finest calf leather, these beautiful hand embossed book boxes are the ultimate housing for your chess set. Inside the box is a sumptuous suede recess for your chessmen to sit comfortably and safely when not in play. The “pages” of the “books” can either be suede to match the inside or leather. The embossing to the spine can be in gold or silver and the key lock will be made to match.

    A matching inlaid leather chessboard can be supplied to complement these luxury book boxes.

  • Staunton Chess Set


    Our luxury chess plinths are as iconic as the game itself, hand bound in leather on our signature scallop-sided plinth.  These sets are available in our specialist gaming calf leather and exotic water-snake across different sizes & styles of chessmen.

  • Crystal Staunton Chess Set

    A hint of “bling” for a traditional piece.

    Swarvorski™ clear crystals are inlaid into the top edge of the Dauphin calf leather scalloped sided chess board plinth and around the base to give a bit of sparkle to a rather reserved (at times) game!

    A Club class Boxwood Staunton chess set completes the piece with the pieces stowed safely away in the felt lined and padded plinth interior. the chessboard in hand inlaid leather.

  • Spassky Fisher Chess Set


    Having made both the boards & the boxes for this iconic chess match it seems only sensible to offer a replica of the sets Bobby Fischer & Boris Spassky played on. We offer this historic Staunton pattern; the iconic chessmen are hand-carved in Boxwood and Ebony as they were back in 1972 by Jaques of London. Our craftsmen celebrate this match by embossing the King’s bases of the chess piece with the legend “Spassky vs Fischer, 1972 – Jaques London – Howard Staunton” along with a facsimile of Howard Staunton’s signature in either gold or silver. Extra Queens are provided as standard and the King size is 89 mm/ 3.5″.

    These beautiful chess pieces sit in a pair of handsome leather book-boxes, a Geoffrey Parker classic design of the same period; reproduced with suede “pages” and gold or silver embossing to each spine with the same legend as the King’s bases. An optional matching inlaid leather chessboard finishes this collector’s piece.

  • Super Luxury Chess Set

    The original award-winning design…

    Created by Geoffrey in the 1960’s evolving through a number of designs and metals – always with leather inlays; editions were tried in brass, aluminium and eventually, London hallmarked Sterling silver with 3 microns of gold leaf was settled on as the final design.

    Going on to win the Design Centre award for their 1977 edition which was created to celebrate HM The Queen’s Silver Jubilee. A matching inlaid leather chessboard was created with a Sterling silver-gilt hall-marked frame which is, in turn, inlaid with leather also.

    A pair of beautiful suede lined leather-bound book-boxes keep these previous pieces safely. Since those days we have introduced on almost all of our chess sets extra Queens and our Silver Jubilee set is no exception. The King’s Rook (Castle) and Knight have crowns embossed in gold to identify them from the Queen’s (the Bishops are considered “divine” without allegiance to Crown).

    This magnificent set is available in any of our Dauphin calf colours (see below) or of course in Alligator, Ostrich or Water Sanke if preferred. Similarly, the set can be made just in Sterling silver or in solid Gold, rather than Silver-gilt – please ask for pricing on these different versions.

  • Traditional Chessmen


    Our collection of beautiful hand carved chess sets in the traditional Staunton style, Intricately carved in Rosewood & Boxwood these familiar wooden chessmen are the perfect accompaniment to any collection or board. From our club style Boxwood Staunton sets to our championship Rosewood pieces, browse our collection to find the perfect set for you.

  • Children’s Chess Sets


    Adding a touch of fun & nostalgia to our chess sets; we utilise our printing machine to recreate a series of themed watercolour illustrations onto our luxury leather chess sets. Themed children’s chess sets include J.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, Beatrix Potter’s Peter Rabbit and Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes. They are all completed with a set of hand-painted crushed stone & resin chessmen.

  • Silver Jubilee Chess Cabinet


    Those pieces, of course, had a significant price tag especially as the pieces had to be balanced and meet the approval of the venerable United States Chess Federation as to an ideal playing weight. Therefore with the cost of silver and gold, although this was admired by many; few could afford it in its opulent original presentation. So in the mid-eighties, Max experimented like his father with all manner of materials, from a graphite coated aluminium with extra weights but finally finishing in a solid brass with chrome plating, which looks stunning and allowed folk to own this magnificent design themselves without having to break the bank.

    The King’s playing pieces; the Rook and Knight are embossed with his crown (the Bishops being divine without allegiance to Crown only to God) and of course, there is a pair of extra Queens as well. The set is hand inlaid throughout in our Dauphin calf leather (see below colour swatch). A slim leather-bound cabinet presents and protects these beautiful pieces set into black felt – a matching inlaid leather chessboard can be ordered separately.